Great Expectations

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Great Expectations

Between the Kent marshes and the intricacies of the London streets and life, Great Expectations brilliantly depicts the vivid recollections of the central character and narrator, Pip, from early childhood and poverty to mature adulthood and prestige, as well as his onesided love story with Estella. Written in the firstperson point of view, and using a retrospective, chronological narration, the novel allows the reader to share not only the protagonist’s physical growth but also his psychological development, from his experience as an orphan taken care of by the goodhearted Joe, his brotherinlaw, to the life of a gentleman. Charles Dickens (18121870) published the novel in its entirety in 1861, highlighting 19th century concerns, namely the Victorian classbased society, class transition, and financial uncertainty, along with the issues of pride, snobbery and loyalty, among others.

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Charles Dickens





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